Here at Aldershot RA we pride ourselves on providing lots of support and training for our referees to help improve and develop their skills. Our various events are explained in further detail below and feel free to check our event page Here to find times and dates of the next event!

Aldershot RA frequently hold practical training sessions throughout the year focusing on all aspects of refereeing from fitness training, movement and positioning around the field or play as well as free kick management

Throughout the season we aim to have various development nights around the county where we go to watch a game of football and discuss various incidents. After the match where possible we meet up with the match officials to discuss any incidents and get their input and thought process

Each month here at Aldershot RA we have a meeting where we get a guest speaker along to give a presentation on various subjects to help improve our skills. Over the years we’ve had some great guest speakers such as Jon Moss and Anthony Taylor.

In this section, we will keep the latest changes to law available to download so you will always be up to date and prepared!

2019-2020 Law Changes

Click above for a downloadable .PDF summary of the main law changes.

For those of you who always have your phone in your hand you can download the IFAB Laws of the Game App which will allow you to search for specific laws, terminology and main changes!

Click the Image below to be redirected to the Hampshire FA website for up to date information on Temporary Dismissals

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