The RA-FA Youth Council unveiled a new document at the RA Conference in July – the RA Good Practice Guide. The guide was issued to all in attendance at the RA Conference, giving examples of some of the excellent work which exists in many different local RAs around the country.

We were very proud to appear in the Guide for our work on Development Nights – something we feel is an excellent way of taking ‘development’ into the new era of refereeing, and we hope our members agree. We hope to run three further Development Nights as part of our mission for the upcoming season, focusing on three different levels of football.

We also recognise some of the other excellent ideas provided for in the Guide, and we have already started implementing some of these examples to improve Aldershot RA for the best.

To read a copy of the Guide, and see what the RA-FA Youth Council have to say on our Development Nights (and the works of other Associations around the country), click here.

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