This is another of the benefits of being a member of Aldershot RA!


Ticket Details

  • The tickets are situated in the Arsenalend.
  • Tickets each cost £50.00 plus an administration fee of £2.50 = £52.50.
  • Successful applicants will be expected to reimburse the society in full for the cost of their ticket(s) upon collection.


Ballot for Tickets

As there are more members than tickets, the following rules will apply:

  • If you are interested in applying to purchase a ticket, you must email the Secretary (secretary@aldershotra.com) before 23:59 on Saturday 23 May 2015. No emails received after this time will be accepted.
  • If more members apply than tickets available, four members shall be selected at random to receive the right to purchase a ticket.
  • If any tickets remain after all interested members have received a ticket, additional ticket(s) shall be offered to those interested members on a first-come, first-served basis.


Collection & Payment

  • Successful members shall be informed by email on Sunday 24 May 2015.
  • Successful members must make suitable arrangements with the Treasurer to collect and make full payment for the ticket(s) before they will be released.


Conditions of Purchase (the boring but important bit)

  • Successful members who do not make suitable arrangements to collect and/or do not make full payment for the ticket(s) will remain liable to reimburse Aldershot RA for the full value of the ticket(s).
  • These tickets are allocated by the FA and, as such, are subject to strict rules on re-sales (as attached).  Successful members will be required to sign to say they will adhere to the attached Conditions of Issue.
  • If any successful member is no longer able to attend or use their ticket(s), the Secretary should be informed by calling 07847 258824 immediately.
  • Tickets must NOTbe resold to a non-member unless allocated by ballot as above and any such resale must remain in line with the attached Conditions of Issue.
  • Any resale of tickets could not only jeopardise your individual attendance at all future FA games, but could also jeopardise the society’s rights to receive tickets in future years.
  • The decision of the Chairman shall be final.

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