Twelve Month Strategy

Back in April, we got feedback from everyone on what we were doing well, and how we could improve. We’ve taken that feedback and combined it with our own to produce our Twelve Month Strategy for the upcoming season – a copy is below.

The point behind this document is to give the committee realistic targets to help us improve over the next 12 months, and to provide you – the members – with a plan for our future growth. It provides complete transparency over the way we work. Members can contact the Secretary at any time to ask on updates, committee meeting minutes, or to see whether targets have been met. It also provides accountability – if someone is not doing their job on the committee for the benefit of members, they will be able to get a much better idea through the use of our Twelve Month Strategy.

I hope you will take the time to have a read and see what we have in store for the future – and we welcome any comments on how it can be improved or how you can get involved!

For more information on the history of Aldershot RA and what we do, visit our ‘About Us’ page.


ARA Twelve Month Plan 2013-14 Rev 1

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