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Jason is ‘Mr Technical’ of the committee, and was our previous Webmaster from April 2012 – March 2013. Jason recently gained his promotion to Level 4 – congratulations Jason – and is one of the fittest referees we know – sorry, Jim…! We asked Jason a couple of questions, to get to know him better – here is what he had to say:

What is your proudest refereeing moment?

Being an assistant referee for Dermot Gallagher at a football tournament in Denmark in 2007.

Why did you start refereeing?

I got to the twilight of football playing career where I enjoyed playing for my local football team in West London where I grew up, and also up in Durham & Newcastle where I studied.

The aim was always to stay within the footballing world, and coaching didn’t appeal to me. I wanted to see if I could ‘cut it’ as a referee as it looked like a challenge.  Six years later, I’m still a referee, and enjoying it immensely. There are some testing moments, but I thoroughly enjoy the challenge and learning new skills whilst keeping fit.

What are your Aldershot RA responsibilities?

–       Buy the drinks at committee meetings! (He doesn’t realise this yet!)

If you want to get in touch with Jason about anything, just drop him an email here.