Adrian BrimicombeAdrian is the Chairman of Aldershot RA, and has steadied the ship since we reformed in April 2012. Adrian is a Level 5 referee, and first started refereeing in…actually, we won’t tell you that – you might be able to guess his age otherwise!

Why did you start refereeing?

I was looking for a replacement to keep involved in football and keep fit at the same time, as my football career was coming to an end, plus my father was a referee, so I guess one of his four sons had to follow in his footsteps!

What has been your refereeing highlight?

I was selected to be Assistant Referee at the Combined Counties Premier Cup Final at Farnborough Town.

What was the toughest position you have been in as a referee?

I don’t think there has been one situation where i felt i had lost control, and wished I never started refereeing. However, I remember one game when I took my son with me and his mate, and following the game, a massive brawl started, which both of them found highly entertaining and great fun – especially as they found the game…boring!

What advice would you give to a new referee during their first season?

This is a difficult one as we all approach situations in different ways. I would obviously say join a good local RA firstly, and be confident. Don’t give up at the first hurdle, as you gain in confidence and in respect from the players by learning not only from the mistakes you may make but from other referees – I certainly did.

If you want to contact Adrian about anything to do with Aldershot RA, you can get hold of him here.