The committee – the ones who love refereeing so much, they give up their free time to run the Association! The committee meet once a month, outside of the main meetings, to discuss all the politics – so you don’t have to. We then send our reports to members as appropriate, leaving more of your time to discuss refereeing, and not the boring stuff. We elect our committee members annually at our AGM.

To learn a bit more about each of the committee members, and the different roles they have taken on click on their mugs below…

Would you like to join the committee? We are always looking for budding volunteers to get involved in the running of your Association – the more, the merrier! You can be involved as much or as little as you wish, and we hold our meetings over dinner and a drink once a month – none of this stale boardroom stuff you might be used to seeing! If you want to know what getting involved will, well, involve – get in touch with Richard.


Andy Moisey

Why did you start refereeing? Due to there not being a referee to referee my son’s team.

What has been your refereeing highlight? Being an Assistant Referee in the Army Challenge Cup Final in 2008.

Why did you join the RA? To inspire and help others develop.

What is your biggest strength as a referee? Communication and management.

What area of your refereeing are you currently trying to improve? N/A.

What is your goal for the end of the season? To develop referees to be the best they can.

What was the toughest position you’ve been in as a referee?  Referee your son’s team!

What advice would you give to a new referee?  Do not be afraid to ask questions or for advice.

Tom Moisey

Tom is responsible for the day to day running of the RA website and also the RA Facebook page, as well as creating poster and adverts for various events.

Tom re joined the Aldershot RA  and recently joined the committee late last year 2013. Tom is currently enjoying his second season as a Level 4 Referee, is a Level 2 licenced referee tutor, and has been refereeing since 2006.

Outside of refereeing, Tom enjoys playing paintball with a local team who attend events nation wide and can also be found teaching new candidates how to become referees as well as improving current referees. We caught up with him to see what makes him 'tick'...


Richard Honey
Jim Chalmers

Jim is in charge of the money

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